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Five Creative Ways to Celebrate an Awesome Birthday

Girl With Birthday Gifts by Stuart Miles

You need to feel important; that is a basic need of every human being. Whether we admit it or not, we feel awesome when people celebrate us. But you can do it the other way around. Here are purposeful and creative birthday ideas – the kind that will make others feel important and makes your life count.

  1.Hold a feeding activity for hungry people.

If you have money, just for one time, buy food for street kids or people in depressed communities. Don’t serve soup or any low-cost snacks. Prepare a nutritious, delicious meal any birthday party guest will love and make it your best treat, a celebration of the life you were given. It’s worth it.

 2.Not much money? Acts of kindness will count.

Look for ways to serve. Money isn’t everything when you want to have creative ways to celebrate your birthday. Help an elderly woman cross the street. Volunteer to do the laundry of your aged neighbor. Gather your neighbors’ kids for a story telling and ice cream treat . Sounds ridiculous, but when you do these with the right attitude you’ll feel like the richest billionaire in the neighborhood.

3.Plant a tree.

Imagine if you plant a single tree for each year of your life. You will be able to take care of the environment which has nurtured you for years. Who knows, you may like to do it more often if you try. Think global responsibility.

4.Give away useful stuff.

Take that size two dress you have waited three years to snuggle into. Give it away. You will do yourself a favor because you will no longer feel stressed every time you open your closet. A rule in space organizing says, “If you survive six months without using something you consider giving away, it’s worth giving away.” This is a creative birthday idea that will give you a clutter-free home and make others happy.

 5. Do something you are good at and give it your best shot.

Can you sing? Sing with all your might – on video tape – and post it on YouTube. If you can raise funds for an orphanage through dancing, do it. If you are a gifted photographer snap the best picture you could ever take and . It’s always a principle that when you do what you are happy to do, you get the most feeling of significance.

There. Five creative ways to celebrate an awesome birthday. You can choose one that will work for you. Can you think of more to add to my list? Have you ever done something creative and different on your birthday? Shoot me a comment. Please also like my page and come back to this site to get more creative woman’s tips, solutions and inspiration.

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