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How Your Smile Affects Your Age

smile Worried about your smile not as bright and as beautiful as before?  Cheer up, you can smile even brighter than you did thirty years ago.

Why your teeth lose their shine

Your smile turns dull as time goes and makes you look older. This is because teeth begin to discolor from stains accumulated through years of drinking coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks. They gradually lose their protective enamel and make your smile less and less perfect.

The problem with dentures

If you want to try dentures you need to know that they have an even faster discoloration; they turn yellow or gray and unfortunately wear down a lot quicker than natural teeth so you need to have them realigned after three to five years. The more costly part is you need to have dentures changed after six to ten years of using them.

It is time for dental makeovers

We know all sorts of products that can make us look younger such as skin treatments, cosmetics, body enhancements and surgery but few of us know about other alternatives. One excellent way which I would like to talk about on this post is dental makeover. If we are that particular about how to enhance our hairstyle, polish  our nails and put on the best makeup we should not care less about how to take care of our teeth. A beautiful smile makes a lasting good impression and a dental makeover helps you do that.

For a quick makeover, go for teeth whitening with your dentist.  Having the procedure in a dental clinic is safer and guarantees better results compared to using over-the-counter products. But if you want to save money you can do it yourself at home. Just make sure you know how to do it properly.

For further beauty enhancements, and if you’ve got the funds, go for composite bonding. Now that sure sounds a bit complicated. I’m sure we will have the chance to discuss it here soon. Porcelain veneers and crowns are also great options. These dental cosmetic enhancements result to an improvement so subtle people think it is weight loss or you just had a hairstyle change.

Any other suggestion for a fresher, younger smile? Share in the comment section. You can as well grab a mirror and see if you need some dental makeover now.What do you think?  Be sure to connect with me on Facebook Page and let us discuss.

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