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Writing Online Articles Can Be Done in Twenty Minutes or Less

What if you could go on vacations and never had to worry about article posts?

If you were like me, you may have experienced what I have gone through lately. I wasn’t able to post an article for almost three weeks. I have been missing like half of my life! So many things happened that I definitely learned so many lessons. Some of those I have written in this “come back post”. I made myself a promise never to miss a week again!

Do you want to be as updated as possible with your posts? Well, it is such a pleasure to share with you some of the hard lessons I learned.

  • Make storage bank of ideas

Stop spending precious time wondering what to write. Start making it a habit to write down little ideas whenever they come. It will be helpful to always carry a small note pad wherever you go so those precious thoughts get recorded all the time.

One great strategy to quick writing is expanding your idea and letting it stand for a few days. Once again, your note pad can be very helpful. Updates or additional information on any topic should be gathered whenever there is a chance. Then they can be retrieved any time you want to start writing.

  • Easy comes first

Don’t undermine the power of simple ideas. They will be the ones you can count on when writing time is never enough. Work on them first and do your best to present them in a well-written manner. You will be surprised at how helpful they become to those who need them. Deal with more complicated topics later. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and inspire you to continue writing online articles.

  • Don’t get caught up in too much research

One big struggle for writers is spending much time on research and coming up with too much information. This makes it almost impossible to write an article in 20 minutes. Select what information goes to your content wisely. You can always use the rest of your research for future work especially when you need to come up with multiple articles or longer content.

  • Use the power of lists

Cut organizing time by using lists. They will help arrange your thoughts faster. Bullet and numbered lists are usually friendlier to readers than the usual paragraphs. In fact lists are such powerful tools they make your presentation clearer and attract more readers.

  • Stay short and sweet

The wonderful thing about people who are writing online articles is their choice of words. Brief and concise is the rule of the game. Make interesting articles which offer adequate and valuable information but are readable in just a few minutes. This enables you to write more or less 500 words in no more than 20 minutes.

  •  Getting stuck is not a reason to stop

One recurring challenge in writing online articles is having a writer’s block. We will not talk entirely about it. It’s this thing when words just won’t get out of our brains and we get stuck. When this happens, push the article aside but don’t quit writing. What you can do is go on to your next article and start working on that. You can always get back to unfinished task when your brain feels like it. This will ensure no idle time gets in the way of your writing schedule.

  • Write before you edit

The writer’s most difficult habit is automatic editing. What I mean is allowing half of the brain to edit everything the other half writes about. Let your creativity work first. Write your article. Just write, no editing. Once you get all your thoughts on paper, edit and organize them. Sounds like something which needs more time but this strategy actually saves you from rewriting a single sentence over and over again.

More tips on writing online articles are coming next post. If you ever went through the same experience I had, please post a comment to share it with us.

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