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How Your Smile Affects Your Age

smile Worried about your smile not as bright and as beautiful as before?  Cheer up, you can smile even brighter than you did thirty years ago.

Why your teeth lose their shine

Your smile turns dull as time goes and makes you look older. This is because teeth begin to discolor from stains accumulated through years of drinking coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks. They gradually lose their protective enamel and make your smile less and less perfect.

The problem with dentures

If you want to try dentures you need to know that they have an even faster discoloration; they turn yellow or gray and unfortunately wear down a lot quicker than natural teeth so you need to have them realigned after three to five years. The more costly part is you need to have dentures changed after six to ten years of using them.

It is time for dental makeovers

We know all sorts of products that can make us look younger such as skin treatments, cosmetics, body enhancements and surgery but few of us know about other alternatives. One excellent way which I would like to talk about on this post is dental makeover. If we are that particular about how to enhance our hairstyle, polish  our nails and put on the best makeup we should not care less about how to take care of our teeth. A beautiful smile makes a lasting good impression and a dental makeover helps you do that.

For a quick makeover, go for teeth whitening with your dentist.  Having the procedure in a dental clinic is safer and guarantees better results compared to using over-the-counter products. But if you want to save money you can do it yourself at home. Just make sure you know how to do it properly.

For further beauty enhancements, and if you’ve got the funds, go for composite bonding. Now that sure sounds a bit complicated. I’m sure we will have the chance to discuss it here soon. Porcelain veneers and crowns are also great options. These dental cosmetic enhancements result to an improvement so subtle people think it is weight loss or you just had a hairstyle change.

Any other suggestion for a fresher, younger smile? Share in the comment section. You can as well grab a mirror and see if you need some dental makeover now.What do you think?  Be sure to connect with me on Facebook Page and let us discuss.

Five Creative Ways to Celebrate an Awesome Birthday

Girl With Birthday Gifts by Stuart Miles

You need to feel important; that is a basic need of every human being. Whether we admit it or not, we feel awesome when people celebrate us. But you can do it the other way around. Here are purposeful and creative birthday ideas – the kind that will make others feel important and makes your life count.

  1.Hold a feeding activity for hungry people.

If you have money, just for one time, buy food for street kids or people in depressed communities. Don’t serve soup or any low-cost snacks. Prepare a nutritious, delicious meal any birthday party guest will love and make it your best treat, a celebration of the life you were given. It’s worth it.

 2.Not much money? Acts of kindness will count.

Look for ways to serve. Money isn’t everything when you want to have creative ways to celebrate your birthday. Help an elderly woman cross the street. Volunteer to do the laundry of your aged neighbor. Gather your neighbors’ kids for a story telling and ice cream treat . Sounds ridiculous, but when you do these with the right attitude you’ll feel like the richest billionaire in the neighborhood.

3.Plant a tree.

Imagine if you plant a single tree for each year of your life. You will be able to take care of the environment which has nurtured you for years. Who knows, you may like to do it more often if you try. Think global responsibility.

4.Give away useful stuff.

Take that size two dress you have waited three years to snuggle into. Give it away. You will do yourself a favor because you will no longer feel stressed every time you open your closet. A rule in space organizing says, “If you survive six months without using something you consider giving away, it’s worth giving away.” This is a creative birthday idea that will give you a clutter-free home and make others happy.

 5. Do something you are good at and give it your best shot.

Can you sing? Sing with all your might – on video tape – and post it on YouTube. If you can raise funds for an orphanage through dancing, do it. If you are a gifted photographer snap the best picture you could ever take and . It’s always a principle that when you do what you are happy to do, you get the most feeling of significance.

There. Five creative ways to celebrate an awesome birthday. You can choose one that will work for you. Can you think of more to add to my list? Have you ever done something creative and different on your birthday? Shoot me a comment. Please also like my page and come back to this site to get more creative woman’s tips, solutions and inspiration.

Top Five Creative Wedding Themes

Most people think of wedding themes as crazy stuff, like wearing outlandish costumes and putting up make-believe props on their wedding day while others think they are only for movies. A wedding theme can actually be just about color like “All things Baby Blue” for my own wedding.  My husband and I both loved Baby Blue and color themes were popular during our time. A wedding theme may need much budget, but not always especially when you get creative. The rule of thumb is, always stick to what you can afford.

A creative wedding theme can be crazy or sophisticated, or both. It can be bold like marching down the aisle in a cute gown and a pair of sneakers, or subtle like having things color-coordinated like invitation envelopes and venue decorations .You can have it extreme or just a tweak to create focus – the one important thing I usually look for when organizing or coordinating a wedding event because it makes things easier to plan and put together.

Here are a few creative wedding themes which top my list:

1. Tropical Affair. When I think of this theme a bunch of leis easily comes to mind, plus a lovely bride with tropical flowers on her hair. Definitely the easiest theme to coordinate and put together because even guests love to dress the part. And take note, this is one theme where things look amazing on photos. You can hold tropical weddings on a beach or at a poolside. Sunset is an excellent time so you can have Tiki torches along the aisle. When such is not possible, just dress your venue to fit in. You may complete the set with beach lanterns and coconut centerpieces at the reception hall and acoustic guitar on the background.

2. High School Crush. Nothing compares to feelings for a high school crush. Relieve the experience by going with a high school life wedding theme. You can actually hold this at a school campus, or create scaled-down replicas and transform your venue into a school. You may choose to let guests dress the part or just the two of you plus your entourage, for effect. This creative wedding theme is possible with little budget making it perfect for cost-conscious couples.

3. Princess Wedding. Who says princess themes are just for little-girl birthdays. Wear a lovely ball gown complete with a cute crown, a pair of gloves and glass slippers. The wedding venue should go with it so hire an interior decorator who can set up a scaled-down kingdom background for you (3-D would be good). Your parents can play kings and queens which I’m sure they will love, and your groom is prince, of course. The wedding car can be a royal carriage, and you can have court guards and a clown to complete the set. I know you are asking about the veil and trail. You can still wear them, too.

4 . Street Romance. The coolest theme one could ever have, perfect for the hip-hop type. In case you’d want to know, you could be in your wedding gown – and a pair of groovy sneakers. A friend had this for his wedding. The couple made it special by having their guests dress up in formal black and white, while they both wear wedding clothes and groovy sneakers. Just plain super cool and creative. They held it by a quiet roadside using street corners and junctions as their background. One of the cutest and most creative wedding themes I ever saw on photographs.

5. Destination Wedding. This is getting popular – at least to the more adventurous types. You and your guests go to a destination place and hold your wedding there. Destination weddings have their plus, but also their drawbacks. They are not for the fainthearted because they mean huge expenses, but they may still be worth it especially when you are planning a post-wedding vacation with family and friends. You will need plenty of creative planning and coordination but when done perfectly, it can be a very fun and intimate affair for just a few chosen people close to your heart.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to have a lovely and memorable wedding. It just takes a bit of creativity in maximizing what you’ve got. For more creative wedding themes, follow this blog, like my page on Facebook or contact me. Also, share your creative wedding ideas here and let us discuss.

Going Crazy When Your Kids Misbehave? Here Are Five Truths to Keep You Sane

All parents want their kids to behave but there are times when our little tyke just messes up. When that happens, we either feel worthless or also mess up as parents. We strive to do our best, but sometimes we blow things up.

There is no need to suffer when you can’t control your kids. Here are five important truths to keep your cool.

1. Your kid’s misbehavior does not define your value as a parent 

God has entrusted your wonderful kids because He knows you are the perfect parents for them. Now, time for some generalities: all kids misbehave and disobey from time to time, and all parents suffer from low self-worth and feel inadequate from time to time. I have looked for parents who know what to do in every given situation, but have found none. All parents make mistakes.

While it’s correct to say we shouldn’t ignore our kids’ misbehavior (although there are specific circumstances where we can do that) , we also should not take it personally when our kids don’t listen, or fight each other, or  throw a fit when we are about to eat dinner. Their misbehavior is very irritating, but it helps when we keep our cool and understand what’s going on. So know what they’re up to, help them, but don’t blame yourself. They’re growing up, and they’re kids.

2. Your kids need unconditional love, just like anyone else

What is unconditional love? Even trying to define it is difficult but you can say it is showing love no matter what. When you make it your goal every day you will be doing great favor for your kids. Loving them unconditionally even during terrible times when you’d rather like to punch them in the face will tell them you love them and accept them for who they are.

My two little boys did all kinds of misbehavior when they were younger that most of the time I literally become a monster ready to eat them. That was usually before bedtime. Frustrated with anger, I would send them to bed and tell them to go to sleep quickly, before I got the chance to swallow them up.

While at it, they’d ask, “Mama, can you first tell us a story before we sleep, please”?

And I’d go like, “You want me to change from this angry monster into a storyteller, THAT quick? Do you know how extremely difficult and frustrating that is”?

And I’d proceed with my recitation on how they’d been so unruly and got me real banged on the head, groggy with anger and frustration, blah, blah, blah.

They’d usually drift slowly to sleep and I’d just go on, “blah, blah, blah.”What a wonderful way to bring two kids to dreamland. I can just imagine how many nightmares they got during those nights.

I must have a different way to respond to things but that should never be an excuse. I lost too many opportunities to show my kids that I love and accept them despite their unacceptable behaviour.

We can all strive to seek to love our kids unconditionally. If we fail, we must try to do it again.

3. No misbehaviour is innocent

What motivates your child to act a certain way?

Usually, it has something to do with meeting his or her needs according to how he sees himself and life in general. There is an inner need for each child to fit in and stand out. The more you understand him, the more you can help him behave in a beneficial, considerate and useful way and not just have his own way.

4. You don’t own your kids, sorry

It’s okay to call them “my kids,” but the fact remains that first, they are just gifts of God to us, and second, each of them are their own, unique person. We should look at them that way. This means they are ours to nurture, raise, protect and develop into wonderful adults later on.

If you help your kids discover their strengths and encourage and develop them in such areas, you have most of the job done. You will always want to affirm what they do well including the little things. By the time they approach adolescence, they will have a healthier sense of self and will be more ready to face the adult. That’s because you helped them know they were somebody who fits in and have something to give to the world around them.

5. You shouldn’t let your kids run your home, ever!

Each member of the family has a particularly important role to make it functional and no one member is more important than everybody else. This means even parents are not supposed to place their personal wants over the good of the entire household, unless those are the same thing; and even when kids are taken care of, they shouldn’t in any way be spoiled to the point of interrupting the entire family system.

Mom, you can actually stop preparing a different meal every time one person changes what he wants for breakfast. My two kids, for example, want different things every time. What I do is let them choose from what has already been prepared. I notice that when I consistently do that they usually comply (otherwise they eat nothing)but when I’m lenient and let them have their way everything gets disrupted such as our budget, schedules and plans.

Maintain schedule and order in your home and let your kids stick to them. For some of us this is a challenge but unless we do it, we can never keep our sanity.

What do you usually do when your kids misbehave? Share your experiences and ideas here so we can discuss, and subscribe to my list to get updates. Also, you might want to check out some more helpful tips on my Facebook Page.

Students and OFWs: Earn Extra Income by Writing Online Articles

What if you don’t have to leave your family and still earn dollars? Or what if you shorten your time away from your family by earning extra income as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)? I’m going to share with you how.

Can you write? Or do you love to write? You can earn by writing online articles. It is a great alternative to applying for a job abroad as OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) or at least, earning while you wait for your chance to leave. Earning money is not the only goal of writing online articles but it’s definitely one good reason to try the job. I’d like to specifically discuss it on this post.

I was just trying to look for a place on the web to post my products when I stumbled upon “online jobs”. I clicked on the links and found (aside from malware and suspicious files) hundreds and hundreds of possible income from the web. Writing online articles got most of my attention.

It was surprising to know that there are a number of Filipinos writing online articles today. I surfed further and landed on a post (I called it a testimonial back then. I did not know anything about posts at the time) of a doctor who stopped seeing patients and wrote articles to get paid dollars. Her link introduced me to a bidding site for online jobs. It was an entirely new world for me and apart from the tips I got from that post I did not have any idea what to do. But I tried, and I’m on!

How do you go about it? The following platforms will get you started slowly but will surely teach you how to get there:

Bidding Sites. Thank God, I joined Freelancer.Com. It’s a site where you just register using an e-mail address and post some of your skills, experiences, and portfolio. Then you place a bid on projects you like. I didn’t win projects right away. You usually need to bid at least 15 times before you get your first job. I got mine after three bid attempts. I’ll tell you how to do it on my next posts. I had three clients on my first week.

Pay isn’t much when you’re just starting, but sites such as Freelancer.Com, Elance.Com, Scriptlance.Com, oDesk.Com can prove a good launching, and can train you on the following:

  • Knowing how to market yourself as a freelance writer and get the best jobs
  • Learning how to choose the best clients and knowing how to deal with them
  • Learning to write for the web (it’s a world different from other media)
  • Keeping up with submissions and deadlines
  • Learning about secure payment transactions
  • Maximizing your income potential

Blogging for money.  A few years ago, bloggers are just people who post their journals online but blogging have evolved from being more than just personal daily journals and musings. There are bloggers earning significant income from ads, reviews, marketing and a lot more things. We are also going to talk about this on my next posts. Money is not a problem at all if you want to start. Top free blogging sites are WordPress.Com and Blogger.Com, followed by many others. Surf over Google if you want to learn more about free blogging sites or platforms.

Profit through ghostwriting. It is basically writing a book or an article and not getting credit for it except cash. Well, kind of writing for just cash but it’s actually more than that.

A ghostwriter uses the voice of his client who can either be a company, an individual writer, or any form of business. You may find it kind of rude to let others take the credit for your hard-earned article. But after fully understanding this job, I began to look for an opportunity. Ghostwriting jobs pay around $20 to $200 per page. Some ghostwriters earn $1,000 to $2,000 per project. You can earn as much as you roll.

On my next posts, we are going to talk more specifically about these platforms but for now I want you to start doing something. Go to Google and find the sites I mentioned. See where you would want to start with your online writing career and get a feel of what I’m talking about. Should you need to ask some questions, or have any comments and suggestions, place them on the comment box below and like me on Facebook so we can talk. Following me on Twitter would be wonderful, too.

I believe in the wonderful gifts God gave us Filipinos. Filipinos write well. You will see when you start doing this job. I believe in you!

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