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Important Characteristics of Writers Who Do More

Why do some writers accomplish more? I have observed many great bloggers and writers do a few more articles, update much more frequently, and just accomplish a whole lot more. Gleaning from them, I have learned what it takes. Here are important things effective writers do.

Efficient writers store ideas big time.If you want to be great, you will not miss on any idea which comes to your mind. Just as illustrators and painters carry their sketchpad everywhere, writers should carry a notepad (IPad, net book if you want). It’s a given fact that writers capitalize on ideas. If you want to have lots of them and have them handy for any project, then be a bank of ideas. Never let a single one escape your mind. Some writers carry a small notepad with them.

Efficient writers test their ideas with time.They treat their thoughts as deposits which when allowed to stand for a while yield interest. Update whatever you have written on your notepad with more thoughts as you let them stand for a week or so. When you sit down to actually make an article, you will not run out of support information to use.

Efficient writers major on simple content.You will find that many great bloggers post simple articles and schedule for just two to three more complex articles in a week. You don’t have to stick out your biggest gun every time you post. Longer and more complex articles can be done twice or three times a week. Stick to simpler and shorter articles when you need to post daily.

Efficient writers know how to use research. This present age has the tendency to make us victims of information overload. Efficient writers don’t allow themselves to fall for such. They usually get just enough of what they need and spare other valuable information for future use. Just because we have much information at hand doesn’t necessarily mean we need to utilize them at one time. To better manage your research, do it before you actually write your article.

Efficient writers organize content quickly. Writers who accomplish more know how to go about their work in no time. Most of them use bullets and numbered lists which are great when categorizing and arranging thoughts. This makes things easier to group together. Bullets and numbers are more friendly with readers.

Efficient writers are great at using words. They know that one can only occupy just enough space for readers to keep reading so choosing their words properly is extremely important. Writers who do more use short and effective language to deliver their thoughts to their readers.

Efficient writers don’t stop. When one idea just doesn’t work, they make it a point to never stop. I know of one great blogger who finds other topics to write once they encounter the writer’s block. When ideas are stored for use anytime, writers won’t run out of topics to write.

These are but a few of the important things I have watched great writers do. These practices set them apart from the rest.

How about you? Share some of your own best experiences and observations on doing more as a writer. It would be great to learn together. Please write on my comment box. Thank you.

Writing Online Articles Can Be Done in Twenty Minutes or Less

What if you could go on vacations and never had to worry about article posts?

If you were like me, you may have experienced what I have gone through lately. I wasn’t able to post an article for almost three weeks. I have been missing like half of my life! So many things happened that I definitely learned so many lessons. Some of those I have written in this “come back post”. I made myself a promise never to miss a week again!

Do you want to be as updated as possible with your posts? Well, it is such a pleasure to share with you some of the hard lessons I learned.

  • Make storage bank of ideas

Stop spending precious time wondering what to write. Start making it a habit to write down little ideas whenever they come. It will be helpful to always carry a small note pad wherever you go so those precious thoughts get recorded all the time.

One great strategy to quick writing is expanding your idea and letting it stand for a few days. Once again, your note pad can be very helpful. Updates or additional information on any topic should be gathered whenever there is a chance. Then they can be retrieved any time you want to start writing.

  • Easy comes first

Don’t undermine the power of simple ideas. They will be the ones you can count on when writing time is never enough. Work on them first and do your best to present them in a well-written manner. You will be surprised at how helpful they become to those who need them. Deal with more complicated topics later. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and inspire you to continue writing online articles.

  • Don’t get caught up in too much research

One big struggle for writers is spending much time on research and coming up with too much information. This makes it almost impossible to write an article in 20 minutes. Select what information goes to your content wisely. You can always use the rest of your research for future work especially when you need to come up with multiple articles or longer content.

  • Use the power of lists

Cut organizing time by using lists. They will help arrange your thoughts faster. Bullet and numbered lists are usually friendlier to readers than the usual paragraphs. In fact lists are such powerful tools they make your presentation clearer and attract more readers.

  • Stay short and sweet

The wonderful thing about people who are writing online articles is their choice of words. Brief and concise is the rule of the game. Make interesting articles which offer adequate and valuable information but are readable in just a few minutes. This enables you to write more or less 500 words in no more than 20 minutes.

  •  Getting stuck is not a reason to stop

One recurring challenge in writing online articles is having a writer’s block. We will not talk entirely about it. It’s this thing when words just won’t get out of our brains and we get stuck. When this happens, push the article aside but don’t quit writing. What you can do is go on to your next article and start working on that. You can always get back to unfinished task when your brain feels like it. This will ensure no idle time gets in the way of your writing schedule.

  • Write before you edit

The writer’s most difficult habit is automatic editing. What I mean is allowing half of the brain to edit everything the other half writes about. Let your creativity work first. Write your article. Just write, no editing. Once you get all your thoughts on paper, edit and organize them. Sounds like something which needs more time but this strategy actually saves you from rewriting a single sentence over and over again.

More tips on writing online articles are coming next post. If you ever went through the same experience I had, please post a comment to share it with us.

Land on Google Front Page at Break-neck Speed Using Social Media

What if you get on top of Google real quick? A friend told me he landed the Google top page in just four months. With much valued advice from another friend, I did it in just two to three weeks. No SEO expert help, no expensive software. Your social media friends can help you do it. Here’s how:

  • Check your friend requests and followers. Start interacting genuinely with your Facebook, Twitter or other social media friends; do not just announce your article. You may be telling people about what you do but they are not listening and they don’t click. You can start listening more to them so you know where they’re at and how your page can help. I have noticed that people whom I have interacted with more frequently are likely to click the like button on my fan page.

You might be missing out on some precious friendship connections because you just simply ignore people. Accept friend requests. I did not just because I needed some good traffic. I realized I should be writing for real people if I want to start writing online articles. You may also begin to take notice of people’s names appearing on the right side of your Facebook page, or your followers on Twitter. It won’t hurt if you’d be the one to send some friend requests this time.

  •   Value your friends and followers. Think about your audience every time you write. You are great, but this is not all about you, everything is about them. The reason you build your blog is you want to serve people. Make this concern obvious on your updates and shares. People are drawn to appreciate efforts exerted for their welfare and they can read this in the way you are writing online articles and sharing it on your page. What’s in it for them? How can they benefit from your article? Once they click, appreciate them. They have just given you precious little gems that could land you on Google’s top page. It inspires them to like your succeeding posts, knowing they have done a worthwhile thing.
  • Direct them. People love to interact but most will not click your like button or make a comment if you don’t ask them. Nothing will happen if you’re not taking the chance. People like being led, so by all means lead them to your like button and direct them to your page. I did this and I landed on Google’s first page. You may be very good at writing online articles but your effort will be useless if not even your friends read them. Leading them will create traffic to your fan page and blog.

More of these tips on writing online articles will be included on my next posts. If you found this post valuable, please leave a comment and share this with your friends on social media. Thanks for visiting!

Students and OFWs: Earn Extra Income by Writing Online Articles

What if you don’t have to leave your family and still earn dollars? Or what if you shorten your time away from your family by earning extra income as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)? I’m going to share with you how.

Can you write? Or do you love to write? You can earn by writing online articles. It is a great alternative to applying for a job abroad as OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) or at least, earning while you wait for your chance to leave. Earning money is not the only goal of writing online articles but it’s definitely one good reason to try the job. I’d like to specifically discuss it on this post.

I was just trying to look for a place on the web to post my products when I stumbled upon “online jobs”. I clicked on the links and found (aside from malware and suspicious files) hundreds and hundreds of possible income from the web. Writing online articles got most of my attention.

It was surprising to know that there are a number of Filipinos writing online articles today. I surfed further and landed on a post (I called it a testimonial back then. I did not know anything about posts at the time) of a doctor who stopped seeing patients and wrote articles to get paid dollars. Her link introduced me to a bidding site for online jobs. It was an entirely new world for me and apart from the tips I got from that post I did not have any idea what to do. But I tried, and I’m on!

How do you go about it? The following platforms will get you started slowly but will surely teach you how to get there:

Bidding Sites. Thank God, I joined Freelancer.Com. It’s a site where you just register using an e-mail address and post some of your skills, experiences, and portfolio. Then you place a bid on projects you like. I didn’t win projects right away. You usually need to bid at least 15 times before you get your first job. I got mine after three bid attempts. I’ll tell you how to do it on my next posts. I had three clients on my first week.

Pay isn’t much when you’re just starting, but sites such as Freelancer.Com, Elance.Com, Scriptlance.Com, oDesk.Com can prove a good launching, and can train you on the following:

  • Knowing how to market yourself as a freelance writer and get the best jobs
  • Learning how to choose the best clients and knowing how to deal with them
  • Learning to write for the web (it’s a world different from other media)
  • Keeping up with submissions and deadlines
  • Learning about secure payment transactions
  • Maximizing your income potential

Blogging for money.  A few years ago, bloggers are just people who post their journals online but blogging have evolved from being more than just personal daily journals and musings. There are bloggers earning significant income from ads, reviews, marketing and a lot more things. We are also going to talk about this on my next posts. Money is not a problem at all if you want to start. Top free blogging sites are WordPress.Com and Blogger.Com, followed by many others. Surf over Google if you want to learn more about free blogging sites or platforms.

Profit through ghostwriting. It is basically writing a book or an article and not getting credit for it except cash. Well, kind of writing for just cash but it’s actually more than that.

A ghostwriter uses the voice of his client who can either be a company, an individual writer, or any form of business. You may find it kind of rude to let others take the credit for your hard-earned article. But after fully understanding this job, I began to look for an opportunity. Ghostwriting jobs pay around $20 to $200 per page. Some ghostwriters earn $1,000 to $2,000 per project. You can earn as much as you roll.

On my next posts, we are going to talk more specifically about these platforms but for now I want you to start doing something. Go to Google and find the sites I mentioned. See where you would want to start with your online writing career and get a feel of what I’m talking about. Should you need to ask some questions, or have any comments and suggestions, place them on the comment box below and like me on Facebook so we can talk. Following me on Twitter would be wonderful, too.

I believe in the wonderful gifts God gave us Filipinos. Filipinos write well. You will see when you start doing this job. I believe in you!

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