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How to set Priorities on Your Wedding Budget

Happy Wedding Couple by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

Do you really need that designer gown? No one will actually know the label – except you. Must you rent a big hotel when you’re a small group, living room kind of couple?

It is not necessary to invite everybody from your church club, high school friends you haven’t seen for decades or co-workers you would never be caught talking with unless you’re both stuck in the elevator. Get real.

Sit down with your partner and discuss a kind of wedding you both want. In other words, set priorities for your budget when you plan your own wedding.

Decide what to include

It’s your wedding, you can decide what you want to include. Here’s a very good and intelligent question: What do you hate seeing in some weddings you have attended? You can omit that. Have you seen something really nice which you want to bring in? Tell your partner or you will forever regret it. Another important thing: check with your officiating minister or celebrant so you’ll know what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable in your case.

Set the date

You can never have a wedding unless you know when to make it happen.You don’t have to decide on one single particular date, unless, of course, if you really need to. So set several possible dates; in that way you will have flexibility in choosing a venue and save some money.

Determine the size of your guest list

What usually comes to mind when planning a guest list is the wedding budget but there’s actually more to it than just money. What type of person are you? Are you comfortable being the center of attention for two hundred people? Or you’d rather have a smaller, more intimate group and enjoy having just a bunch of close friends and relatives?

Choose a favored site

This is another basic consideration when you plan your own wedding and will affect your guest list and your overall wedding budget. Do you want a church wedding or do you want one in a small garden, on a beach, or in a fancy hotel? How do you want your reception to look like?

Plan the ambiance

Do you want it formal, fancy or casual? You can have a fancy wedding on a limited budget; just be creative. That includes creatively slashing the guest list into half. Ouch.

Create a mental picture of how you want your wedding to look like and use that picture as a guide. If you decide to have a casual affair, you can spend less than a formal one.

Getting lots of ideas on how to plan your own wedding? Now, it’s time to get specific. Know your priorities and start to list them down. If you’re on limited budget, then let your budget guide you instead of letting your fantasies, and get things done. Be sure to like me on Facebook for more ideas.

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