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Write Articles that Promote Relationship with Your Readers

While we all know that content is king and great content generates readers, engagement is what actually keeps them. A reader needs to sense that there is a real person on the other end who’s genuinely interested with him.

Do you want your readers to have a deeper sense of connection with you? Here are simple tips on how to  to do just that.

Make your article read like a letter from a friend

How do you react when you receive a mail from a dear friend? You get excited. You enthusiastically open the mail. You are happily devouring every single word you find. In fact you are drawn to the entire letter because you have a connection with the person who has written it.

It is vital that you write an article in a way that a person would write to a friend. The key is being personal, not academic in your approach. Of course you can do that with an academic paper, but if you would want long-term relationship with your readers, you need to loosen a bit.

I always would like to be replied in a personal and casual way whenever I make comments on blog posts. How does one become personal when making articles? Get excited when you write. Be expressive, animated if you will. Write your article in a manner which is nothing less than enthusiastic and your reader will read it the same way. You should honestly be convinced that you have something exciting and worthwhile to say. This does not leave out, of course, the need to ensure quality content. what I mean is you work on useful and well-thought information and present it in a manner that generates reading excitement.

Let your article tell a story

People are naturally drawn to stories of other people. We are naturally inclined to get curious about other people’s lives. Hollywood capitalizes on this. They never run out of stories that tell about what’s going on in artists’ lives. They use controversies and scandals to maximum advantage.

When you tell me a story you get scenes running in my head and that never fails to generate my interest. I have always been drawn to success stories of big bloggers and this usually applies to almost everybody and almost every thing. The story of human lives never fails to amaze. Don’t be afraid to tell stories from time to time, especially if such stories can bring value to your readers’ own lives.

Let your article speak your reader’s language

A message is nothing if it does not come across. If you write in a way that makes a conversation run in my head, then I will trust that you understand me and you are writing for my benefit.

Write in a simple manner which your reader understands and leads him to do something. If you don’t lead your readers to action then you are wasting your time. It is best to ask yourself why you would be writing an article in the first place. This way you will not be writing just for the sake of it, but you will do things on purpose and accomplish your goals. It will also ensure that you offer your readers not what you think they need because readers actually look for what they really want.If you give them what they want, they will keep coming back to you.

What are your ways to engage with readers? Please share them on my comment box and let’s discuss. Thank you for reading!

Important Characteristics of Writers Who Do More

Important Characteristics of Writers Who Do More.

Important Characteristics of Writers Who Do More

Why do some writers accomplish more? I have observed many great bloggers and writers do a few more articles, update much more frequently, and just accomplish a whole lot more. Gleaning from them, I have learned what it takes. Here are important things effective writers do.

Efficient writers store ideas big time.If you want to be great, you will not miss on any idea which comes to your mind. Just as illustrators and painters carry their sketchpad everywhere, writers should carry a notepad (IPad, net book if you want). It’s a given fact that writers capitalize on ideas. If you want to have lots of them and have them handy for any project, then be a bank of ideas. Never let a single one escape your mind. Some writers carry a small notepad with them.

Efficient writers test their ideas with time.They treat their thoughts as deposits which when allowed to stand for a while yield interest. Update whatever you have written on your notepad with more thoughts as you let them stand for a week or so. When you sit down to actually make an article, you will not run out of support information to use.

Efficient writers major on simple content.You will find that many great bloggers post simple articles and schedule for just two to three more complex articles in a week. You don’t have to stick out your biggest gun every time you post. Longer and more complex articles can be done twice or three times a week. Stick to simpler and shorter articles when you need to post daily.

Efficient writers know how to use research. This present age has the tendency to make us victims of information overload. Efficient writers don’t allow themselves to fall for such. They usually get just enough of what they need and spare other valuable information for future use. Just because we have much information at hand doesn’t necessarily mean we need to utilize them at one time. To better manage your research, do it before you actually write your article.

Efficient writers organize content quickly. Writers who accomplish more know how to go about their work in no time. Most of them use bullets and numbered lists which are great when categorizing and arranging thoughts. This makes things easier to group together. Bullets and numbers are more friendly with readers.

Efficient writers are great at using words. They know that one can only occupy just enough space for readers to keep reading so choosing their words properly is extremely important. Writers who do more use short and effective language to deliver their thoughts to their readers.

Efficient writers don’t stop. When one idea just doesn’t work, they make it a point to never stop. I know of one great blogger who finds other topics to write once they encounter the writer’s block. When ideas are stored for use anytime, writers won’t run out of topics to write.

These are but a few of the important things I have watched great writers do. These practices set them apart from the rest.

How about you? Share some of your own best experiences and observations on doing more as a writer. It would be great to learn together. Please write on my comment box. Thank you.

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