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Create Online Writing Success through Real Relationships

Writing online articles earns you money but it’s more than that. This post will help you see why you need to build real relationships while working on the web.

Online article writers, bloggers, graphic artists, etc, have their own little world. They exist not individually but as groups. They engage. They help each other. They compare notes. They give and take. They share. In other words writers are real people. They need appreciation. They need support. They need mutual relationships. If your motivation is just to earn it won’t actually work. Maybe it will for a while, but it won’t last long. You need to build relationships. Here’s how:

  • Build a relationship with your articles. You will begin to see that earning doesn’t satisfy the real writer. Money doesn’t satisfy a writer’s heart. Writing has to be of genuine connections. It has to be connected to your core. You write from the inside. You write for what you have already embraced otherwise you will feel something is lacking. Writing articles in a manner that is deeply connected with your being is effective online article writing.
  • Build relationships even if you’re just starting. You don’t have to be big before you can connect with people. Most writers will appreciate being followed by a fellow writer. And the good thing is, when you follow them, they will more likely follow you.
  • Build relationship with clients. Clients are usually looking for long-term working relationships and not just one-time projects. You want you to be always available to talk or chat online, open your mails when they send you something, communicate when you are having problems with your assignments. They post reviews on every freelance writer’s project performance. Getting good reviews and recommendations means more repeat clients. When clients are satisfied, they are likely to send you more jobs.
  • Connect with other online article writers so you could learn faster. It’s like fuel to your inner engine. It is tough to start from scratch if you want to be an online writer. You need to know what real people are doing and what they have been through. This makes you feel you are not just on your own and you’ve got big support.Follow other writers’ blog, connect with them and ask   questions. See how they write, find out who dominates your niche, and get into their minds. Readers are not like writers. Sometimes they will appreciate you but many times they won’t. Writers value their fellow writers. Well, there are some who don’t but unless you start making friends and commenting on blogs, etc. you won’t find out. Follow at least one writer every week, makes it easy for a start.
  • If you’re into blogging, post and communicate with your readers regularly. You have to have a relationship with target readers in order to know what’s in their hearts and minds and speak directly to them. This will help you know and meet their needs. I have been repeatedly emphasizing this on my posts. Establishing a relationship with your readers is vital. You can do this by listening to them and being there for them. If you are doing blogs, post regularly, at least twice a week so that when your readers visit your site, you have something to offer them.
  • Meet people through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Let them know what you’re doing. You heard me right; you need to make your online presence known. You don’t have to wait until you have the most perfect blog or piece of writing before you sell yourself. The writing practice is a journey. Your readers will see later that you never stop improving. Start sharing your written content now.
  • Show yourself. Another important advice is you need to let people know you. Flaunt your photograph, don’t hide your information. Clients are looking for somebody whom they can truly prove as a real and authentic person. If you don’t get them the idea on who you are or how to contact you, chances are they won’t.  Hiding behind a pen name may work in some cases like on your school paper but writing online articles is different. Since business is done mainly on the internet, you better show yourself as an authentic freelance writer.

Did this article help you? Please post a comment, ask questions, whatever. Your insights are valuable!

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