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Land on Google Front Page at Break-neck Speed Using Social Media

What if you get on top of Google real quick? A friend told me he landed the Google top page in just four months. With much valued advice from another friend, I did it in just two to three weeks. No SEO expert help, no expensive software. Your social media friends can help you do it. Here’s how:

  • Check your friend requests and followers. Start interacting genuinely with your Facebook, Twitter or other social media friends; do not just announce your article. You may be telling people about what you do but they are not listening and they don’t click. You can start listening more to them so you know where they’re at and how your page can help. I have noticed that people whom I have interacted with more frequently are likely to click the like button on my fan page.

You might be missing out on some precious friendship connections because you just simply ignore people. Accept friend requests. I did not just because I needed some good traffic. I realized I should be writing for real people if I want to start writing online articles. You may also begin to take notice of people’s names appearing on the right side of your Facebook page, or your followers on Twitter. It won’t hurt if you’d be the one to send some friend requests this time.

  •   Value your friends and followers. Think about your audience every time you write. You are great, but this is not all about you, everything is about them. The reason you build your blog is you want to serve people. Make this concern obvious on your updates and shares. People are drawn to appreciate efforts exerted for their welfare and they can read this in the way you are writing online articles and sharing it on your page. What’s in it for them? How can they benefit from your article? Once they click, appreciate them. They have just given you precious little gems that could land you on Google’s top page. It inspires them to like your succeeding posts, knowing they have done a worthwhile thing.
  • Direct them. People love to interact but most will not click your like button or make a comment if you don’t ask them. Nothing will happen if you’re not taking the chance. People like being led, so by all means lead them to your like button and direct them to your page. I did this and I landed on Google’s first page. You may be very good at writing online articles but your effort will be useless if not even your friends read them. Leading them will create traffic to your fan page and blog.

More of these tips on writing online articles will be included on my next posts. If you found this post valuable, please leave a comment and share this with your friends on social media. Thanks for visiting!


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5 thoughts on “Land on Google Front Page at Break-neck Speed Using Social Media

  1. Another good article Jen!!!

    It really pays a lot when you take time to listen to what people says and make them feel that they are being heard. Another things that you must not forget is to filter unnecessary things from your blog. You don’t want to get bombarded by annoying comments and unhelpful feedbacks and end up neglecting your other followers or friends who might have something useful to contribute.

    Sometimes your friends do like to be directed as to what they need to do so they can help you and in this case, you direct them to click the like button. Brilliant idea! You get to drive traffic to your website while also staying in touch with your precious peers.

    The better you treat your facebook friends and twitter followers the easier it would be for you to get them involved in your articles and in your blog.

    Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!!!

  2. nevermindthirteen on said:

    Thanks for this interesting article. Educational and Helpful.=)

  3. two thumbs for this! thanks!

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