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Write for What Drives You

These four amazing statements can change the way you write forever. It’s starting to change mine.

I had been writing articles for a while and got very good results from time to time but I just knew I wasn’t quiet getting near. The past few days I have been bombarded with articles with matter-of-life issues too many they are like pushing me hard against the wall. I realized the following principles.

1. Something great is deposited in you and if it doesn’t  drive you, it interferes with what you do.

Are you driven enough by something?

If you were like me who thinks you have potential to write, you may assume all it takes is willingness and some knowledge.  Not quite.

When I was just starting to write online I had to write on subjects and topics I didn’t have any idea of, and boy, was it tough! I had been to writing about fishing rods, hammers, handyman tools, designer boots, natural health remedies (these ones I really enjoyed to do research and write on, by the way), musical instruments, chairs and furniture, curtains, grills, insurance, gadgets, etc.

The worst I had was writing on different kinds of martial arts! I had terrible migraine. It was either my clients left me, or I left them because I had to.

2. You get better results when writing about things that drive you, things you are passionate about.

While going through this post, I think of a drummer friend. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, he just slips on this neat habit of drumming his fingers (or hands, if he gets the chance) on any surface: his thighs, on the coffee table, on a book cover, on a bed, on the walls, on his head!

This is what passion is all about, and you’ve got it inside of you!

What will you continue doing even without the possibility of earning money from it?

3. When you follow where your passion leads you, the money will just come in. 

I just figured out for the past few days, I really need to write. I really need to do research. I really need to study and dig into things others don’t care about. But I really need to write. I wrote when I was younger, on our school paper. I wrote when I was even much younger, creating novels and comic strips for my friends to read. Writing is a journey. Somehow, I find comfort in being able to write online and do my posts, but I know I have not fully arrived (and I bet I never will!).

4. Your passion is a big answer to one of the world’s most authentic needs.

Whose lives are going to be changed once you get moving? Or who will continually go down if you don’t do anything with what you have?

This is the toughest question, so far. But I have been thinking about it just last night, and until now! Of course, I see my own family needing a lot of things. Who wouldn’t? You might think of your own son not getting the medical attention he needs. Or your husband needing some help. Or your bills pile up. But a writer who wants to do more needs to see more.

I see other moms so desperately needing help. I see them in their homes, I see them trying to bring up their kids in scarcity. I see them struggling to help their husbands make both ends meet. I see them dead tired and hungry and I see their children cry. I see them struggling within themselves to rise up and do something. Whether that’s earning through a home-based business, writing online just like me, or whatever, I just feel I need to do something to help them.

4. You were destined for something  BIG!

Some kind of prophetic writing there, huh? But I’m beginning to love this inner healing, this release of a wonderful great insight, an unleashing of a mighty giant deep within any mom has. Aaah… What an awesome relief. Who knows I might also go back to drawing and painting tomorrow? I’m still on a journey, and this proves to be an exciting one!


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4 thoughts on “Write for What Drives You

  1. hercs ponsaran on said:

    awesome! I believe everything you wrote. keep up the great work. You’re destined to win!. May your Dream Come true.

    from hercs

    • Hello, hello Sir Hercs! It’s great to read a comment from you. It’s both wonderful and rewarding to focus on our potential while serving others. I’m applying this on writing online articles. I believe it works for you, too. Cheers to our God-given dreams!

  2. Writing has been and will always be in my family’s blood. You can ask my brother and sister. All three of us had been lucky enough to write articles for our school paper when we were in high school and yes, the inspiration comes more freely when you write something that you are passionate about. I wrote articles about student moms when I was in college and I got a ton of comments and praises from my classmates and even the school paper editor herself. I guess when you write with passion the words some how transcends those feelings you get while writing it and pass it along to the readers.

    • Thanks, elly_girl@yahoo.com. Writing something you are passionate about is a fulfilling task and yes, writing is emotional. Although we can write about anything required of us, a greater connection and a unique “relationship” with our readers is achieved when something is written from the “inside”. More power to your online writing!

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